Loyalty & Rewards

We value you, so we started this loyalty and rewards program just for you!


You can earn points through purchase and activities.

Each ₱1 in your order will earn you 1 point. You can spend your points on a number of rewards available.

Your points will get you one step closer to be part of Koali's Circle. (a hint, but not always the case)

Just like relationships in life, you start by being strangers then you become acquaintances, then mates and eventually you become part of the family.

Each stage of our friendship circle will get you extra points. Also, the inner you are in the circle, you get up to double the points. Then you can spend that points for reward(s) you like. 

We take good care of our friends and family. Once you are part of our circle and family, you will be well taken care of.

How do you qualify to get into the inner circle? hmmmm... Let's just say that we don't just let you be part of our family based on your "spending". Just like friendship, you don't just befriend someone because they give you gifts, you befriend someone because you "click" and what is inside their hearts.

Unlock the first ring of friendship to unleash more clues...


First Ring of Friendship
Second Ring of Friendship
Third Ring of Friendship
We are one, we are Family